Star Wars Rebels… I'm cautiously optmisitic


Yep. With obligatory Sith-who-isn’t-Darth-Vader. He even looks like Ventriss, the previous Sith-who-isn’t-Darth-Vader in the Clone Wars series. I guess they need someone who keeps failing at his missions so Darth Vader doesn’t need to be the one.

A lot more details have been revealed in an NYCC 2013 panel. Looks pretty good so far. At least this one, you’re rooting for the good guys. In the Clone Wars it was hard to root for the clones since we all know Order 66 will come along and turn them against the Jedi.

But it seems like the retconning has begun:

The notes added that the change was because the lab-grown Clone Troopers exhibited too much individuality for the Empire, and they found they could get better conformity from recruits motivated by patriotism.

I would think Clone Troopers being clones would exhibit a lot less individuality huh? Heck, patriotism to the Emperor was built into the clones. See ‘Order 66’.

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